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The Older Iowans Legislature is the only “Grass Roots” organization in Iowa that continually strives to produce an opportunity for Older Iowans to complete their lifelong journey in dignity, with respect from others, and receiving support when necessary.

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We are a total volunteer and non-partisan organization that operates under a nonprofit umbrella.

Our members advocate State Legislators, the Governor and staff, and other organizations to assist in improving the “Quality of Life” for Older Adult Iowans. We have historically placed special emphasis on the frail elderly however our overall goal is to make Iowa that model state for all Older Adults. Get involved by joining the Older Iowans Legislators and stay active in assisting others.

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Legislative Priorities

The Older Iowans Legislature, during its 2023 annual meeting  identified four (4) Priority Issues for submission to the 2024 session of the Iowa General Assembly, under the very general titles of:

1. Enacting a Dementia Specialist Program

Senate File 2008  (SF2008) has been introduced.  The Older Iowans Legislature is Monitoring Progress.  The Older Iowans Legislure has registered in favor of this bill.

2. Improving Guardianship and Conservatorship System

Senate file 295 in Iowa General Assembly. SF295 was passed unanimously in 2023 by the Senate, and is now being discussed in the House.

3. Funding Iowa Return to Community from the Lottery

WE are currently monitoring the funding for the Iowa Return to Community (IRTC) program.  See the legislative priorities pages of this site for more informaiton.

4. Improving Nursing Home Care

We continue to monitor the activity within the Iowa Legislature attempting to address nursing home care.

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We encourage you to help us make a difference in the lives of older Iowans and their families by becoming a member of the Older Iowans Legislature. Our annual meeting is each September at the Iowa State Capital  and we will provide updates on this website of our ongoing activities.

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Annual Meeting

Older Iowans Legislature will have our Annual Meeting at the Iowa State Capital each September.  If you would like to become involved contact Tony Vola (tony_vola@msn.com)  or send an email to info@olderiowans.org

Latest News

The Board of Directors continually monitor the 2024 Iowa Legislature for activites that may affect Iowa Seniors. We will update this website as actions continue.  If you have any specific activites for us to research or be aware of,  please send an email to  info@olderiowans.org.

Observation Box

Improving nursing home care was, in my opinion, a major focus of the Older Iowans Legislature session on Monday September 26, 2022, BUT, in my opinion, improving nursing home care has been difficult for the Older Iowans Legislature to advocate in the 2023 session of the Iowa General Assembly.

2024 Iowa General Assembly

The Older Iowans Legislature is currently supporting multiple bills in the 2024 Iowa General Assembly related to OIL Priority Issues.  Refer to our Legislative Priorities Page on this website

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